#SayNo to all forms of violence

At this point in my life I am hurt. I am mad. I am angry. I am damn straight pissed at all that is happening in and around South Africa (SA). I say South Africa because I live here and this is my context, but this can be applicable all over the world because for... Continue Reading →

🚩 Don’t go there

I think it is not too much of a stretch to say that most of us have gone through those moments of thinking to ourselves, "I wish I picked up the signs. How did I not see the red flags of why he/she/they are not good for me." It comes around the time when we... Continue Reading →

Positive vs Negative = fight

"Remain positive" is the name of the song. "It's going to get better" is that catchy chorus. "After the storm, there's going to be a rainbow" is what ties it all together perfectly, like a beautiful melody. It's on a loop/repeat, in different languages and many people love to do the cover; I'm included of... Continue Reading →

Rollercoaster life …

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Repeat. We often take for granted this one little breathing exercise. We think that breathing is just that one thing that our body does just for survival and automatically. But when you intentionally do it, it changes your entire mood in a matter of seconds. We breathe in to take... Continue Reading →

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