Student-Teacher Chats Part 4 A WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH!! Time flies for real, for real!! I'm not too sure if I was a fully qualified, full time teacher, whether or not I'd feel the difference in time. I might not be able to document it then, but at least I'll have this experience to look back on. Days at... Continue Reading →

Student-Teacher Chats Part 3 Have you ever noticed that when you are mentally and/or emotionally exhausted it makes you feel physically exhausted. However when you are physically exhausted it does not always translate to mental exhaustion, only sometimes. I think teachers experience everything all at once, that if you were to ask what type of exhaustion they are... Continue Reading →

Women’s Day

South Africa celebrates National Women's Day today! The day 20 000 women marched down to The Union Buildings demanding equal rights! It is the day the we recognise the familiar phrase "Wathint' abafazi, Wathint' imbokodo!" - you strike a woman, you strike a rock! Today is the day we remember that as women we must... Continue Reading →

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