Getting Your Health, Your Wellness

One cannot just wake up and hope to live a long life, it takes time and effort, small changes every day, as simple as 'how you prepare your chicken'.

Quotes you live by

I wish to treat this post like an interval and an activity that I would like for everyone to participate it. If you are reading this, you are already in! (Insert Mafia quote)

Running away to run towards.

Ever feel like running away? Just leaving all you know behind and starting again somewhere else ... a result of people getting to a point where they strongly feel that they have had enough.

Colour Therapy (aka Chromotherapy)

"Every colour has a specific wavelength and frequency. When we see a colour, its wavelength is converted into electrical impulses in the retina and are passed to the hypothalamus, which has many vital functions such as releasing hormones and regulating our emotional responses"

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