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This is a Royalty Blog! I am Royalty! You are Royalty! We are Royalty! In simple it means that I see you for the imperfectly perfect human being that you are. You are brilliant! You are a shining star! Life has its challenges but you are a warrior, not a worrier. So, fix your crown, Kings and Queens! Let’s Be #Royalty

  • Is (Was) It Luck?
    It is not always possible to explain everything. Maybe some things are just are as they are and maybe as they should be. So let us unpack what we can and figure it out together. Sound good?
  • The Power of A Meal
    No matter the cuisine; I swear that food has magical powers that are just not recognised enough and I think that is was makes it so beautiful and powerful.
  • Stories of Easter, Eostre and Der Osterhase
    I wondered out of all the available animals why was the bunny “the chosen one”? It is a bit odd that at my big age of 21 years, I found myself googling Easter Bunny history …
  • Royalties of March đź‘‘

“Spread Love, Light and Knowledge”

Gugu Mbatha, Author

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