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This is a Royalty Blog! I am Royalty! You are Royalty! We are Royalty! In simple it means that I see you for the imperfectly perfect human being that you are. You are brilliant! You are a shining star! Life has its challenges but you are a warrior, not a worrier. So, fix your crown, Kings and Queens! Let’s Be #Royalty

  • Student-Teacher Chats Part 6
    I am almost at the end of my teaching experience journey. That was actually painful to think, say and write. Everyone asks me, “How does it feel to be a teacher?” I have probably answered this before in this series but I cannot express this enough, it is so fulfilling;… Continue Reading →
  • Student-Teacher Chats Part 5
    Part 5, end of week 5, that is where we are at!! I feel so happy and I feel blessed. I could not have asked for a more amazing teaching practice (TP) experience. Has it been easy? No! Has it been a smooth ride? Nope! Has it been challenging? Yes!… Continue Reading →
  • Student-Teacher Chats Part 4
    A WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH!! Time flies for real, for real!! I’m not too sure if I was a fully qualified, full time teacher, whether or not I’d feel the difference in time. I might not be able to document it then, but at least I’ll have this experience to look… Continue Reading →
  • Student-Teacher Chats Part 3
    Have you ever noticed that when you are mentally and/or emotionally exhausted it makes you feel physically exhausted. However when you are physically exhausted it does not always translate to mental exhaustion, only sometimes. I think teachers experience everything all at once, that if you were to ask what type… Continue Reading →

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