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This is a Royalty Blog! I am Royalty! You are Royalty! We are Royalty! In simple it means that I see you for the imperfectly perfect human being that you are. You are brilliant! You are a shining star! Life has its challenges but you are a warrior, not a worrier. So, fix your crown, Kings and Queens! Let’s Be #Royalty

  • Let’s be Body Positive
    A series of different stories that I have personally engaged in. They are all in relation to the human body, how it is perceived and other biases that are held by society. By the way society is all of us …
  • Royalties of February
  • Getting your spiritual health, your wellness
    I believe that all human beings are made up of 3 complex things: Body, Mind and Soul. The complexity is in figuring out how each works at its full capacity where one feels that they are at their truest self and fully capable of achieving greatness, whatever greatest means …
  • Getting your mental health, your wellness
    Our minds are magnificent and powerful things. Able to do extraordinary work. However, there is one catch … You have to learn how to take care of it.

“Spread Love, Light and Knowledge”

Gugu Mbatha, Author

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